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How Does Alcohol Use Affect Your Bones and Muscles Trenton, NJ

alcohol use consequences substance abuse alcoholism effect on bones muscles sick man Trenton rehabilitation center New Jersey rehab   Everyone knows that the first signs of an alcohol drink is a pleasant sense of relaxation. But did you know that excessive and prolonged alcohol use may seriously affect your skeletal and muscle system?

Alcohol use and bones

Besides assuring structural support, bones represent an enormous storage of calcium and minerals. The hu... Read More →

Opiates Effects You Must Know Trenton, NJ

opiates effects opioid addiction painrelievers dependence substance abuse Trenton city image baloon in the sky addictions treatment rehab New Jersey rehabilitation center Opioids, or opiates, are the world’s oldest known drugs. The active substance is extracted from poppy flowers. Historically, people used the opium poppy to treat depression and anxiety. Opioids are a class of drugs that include heroin and its many derivatives, which are powerful pain relievers. These pain relievers are legally available by prescr... Read More →

Trenton Family Addiction Treatment

outpatient substance abuse treatment center Trenton nj Family addiction is one of the most overlooked predictors of substance abuse. Research studies show genetics to be the single most reliable risk factor for drug and alcohol abuse. According to the National Council of Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD) addiction is due to 50% genetics and 50% poor coping skills. Sadly, many people suffer for years ... Read More →

Intervention Methods Trenton NJ

outpatient substance abuse treatment center Trenton nj Many people in Trenton who suffer from a drug addiction are resistant to seeking treatment. For this reason, they may need an intervention from friends or family to encourage the person to seek treatment. An intervention can be formal or structured or informal, which is more like a conversation encouraging the person to seek help. The basic stru... Read More →

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